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Acrylic - Material Guide

Piercing Jewelry made of Acrylic have a few advantages. You might benefit from having a few Acrylic pieces in your Piercing collection.

In this Material Guide we cover a few topics to explain the benefits of Acrylic Body Jewelry.

Introduction to Acrylic

The official name for Acrylic is Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). It's a thermoplastic that is hard, lightweight, and durable. Acrylic is mostly known as the crystal clear Acrylic glass. However, the material allows for endless color variations.

Piercings made of Acrylic are much more affordable than those made of 316L Surgical Steel, let alone more expensive materials like Titanium. Acrylic Body Jewelry is also free of any Nickel, making it an excellent alternative for people sensitive to metals.


Pros and Cons

Acrylic is Lightweight and Durable.
Free of any Nickel.
Much more affordable than metal Piercings.
Acrylic Jewelry might feel cheap.
Acrylic is more fragile compared to metals.

Acrylic Explained

Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) was discovered in 1930 by two British chemists. What started as an alternative to glass quickly became commercialized by several companies around the globe. Nowadays, Acrylic is still widely used as safety glass, but people found more and more applications for the material.

For Piercing Jewelry, Acrylic is a great material. Together with Bioflex, these materials offer a wide range of affordable and often colorful alternatives to metal Piercings. Acrylic is hard and not always flexible. Some Acrylic products like Barbells have a somewhat flexible bar, but compared to Bioflex it is not very bendable. When bent too much, it will break quite easily.

Another benefit of Acrylic Piercing Jewelry is the fact that it doesn't get too cold. Wearing a Plug of Tunnel made of Acrylic in cold climates is much more comfortable compared to metal.

"Although Acrylic is somewhat flexible, compared to Bioflex it is not very bendable."

As Acrylic is free of any Nickel, Piercings made of this material are ideal for people sensitive to metals. When you suffer from a Nickel-allergy, Acrylic Jewelry is an affordable alternative to titanium or gold.

The lack of metal in the material also makes Acrylic Jewelry perfect for a hospital visit or CT-scan. With many transparent colors available, Acrylic Piercings can also be handy when you want your piercing to be less visible, like for work.


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2 Alcohol pads
Pair of alcohol pads
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Alcohol Swabsticks
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Maintenance Instructions

Acrylic can last for years to come. It is not sensitive to any discoloration, meaning it is entirely free of any maintenance.

Before you put in your newly acquired Jewel, you can use alcohol to disinfect the piercing. We have alcohol pads and special swab sticks available to help out. If you prefer to use soap instead, that is no problem at all.

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