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Bioflex - Material Guide

Piercings made of Bioflex are in demand. Bioflex has many advantages making it a desired material for most Piercing fanatics.

As the name suggests, Body Jewelry made of Bioflex is obviously flexible. In this material guide we take a look at the other unique aspects of this material.

Introduction to Bioflex

Bioflex is a type of Acrylic. The most significant difference is the flexibility of the material, but there is more. Bioflex Jewelry is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for initial piercings or piercings that won't heal properly.

Most Bioflex Body Jewelry is transparent. You can also find such Piercings in various colors. As soon as color is added to the mix, the flexibility will decrease. Some Piercing Jewelry made of Bioflex is flexible enough to bent it in almost any way. This is perfect for Retainers or Maternity Belly Piercings.


Pros and Cons

Bioflex is extremely flexible.
Free of any Nickel and Hypoallergenic.
Bioflex Piercings are comfortable to wear.
Bioflex Jewelry mostly come in plain designs.
There is not much colorful Bioflex Jewelry available.

Bioflex Explained

Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) was discovered in 1930 by two British chemists. What started as an alternative to glass quickly became commercialized by several companies around the globe. Nowadays, Acrylic is still widely used as safety glass, but people found more and more applications for the material.

Bioflex is the more flexible variant of Acrylic, making them ideal to wear on any occasion. Is any of your Ear Piercings painful, then a Bioflex Piercing is much more comfortable when you sleep. The fact that it is free of any Nickel and hypoallergenic allows for the material to be used for initial piercings.

Some Piercings with a bar made of Bioflex can be cut at any desired length. If this is the case, it is stated on the product page. When screwing the ball back on after the cut will create new threading.

"Bioflex Piercings are ideal for Painful Piercings."

Similar to Acrylic, Bioflex Piercings are often used for hospital visits. The material is safe for CT-scans. Smaller Jewelry made of transparent Bioflex is also perfect if you need to hide your Piercing.

Altogether, we recommend everyone to have at least one Piercing Jewel made of Bioflex in your collection.


When you browse our collection for new Body Jewelry, use of the filters to only show Jewelry made of the Material you are after.

2 Alcohol pads
Pair of alcohol pads
Per pair
Alcohol Swabsticks
Alcohol Swabsticks
Price a piece

Maintenance Instructions

Bioflex can last for years to come. It is not sensitive to any discoloration, meaning it is entirely free of any maintenance.

Before you put in your newly acquired Jewel, you can use alcohol to disinfect the piercing. We have alcohol pads and special swab sticks available to help out. If you prefer to use soap instead, that is no problem at all.

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