Star shaped clip on lobe to helix shield

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Decorate the whole edge of your ear with this helix shield. Worn as an regular earring this shield runs up 3 cm alongside your ear, as high as the helix. There this shield keeps itself in place with a clip on ring. Deocrated with loads of crystals and a relatively big crystal star create a strong glimmer. 

Brass - Material Guide

Brass is a popular material used for jewelry. It is much easier to process than stainless steel, allowing for affordable jewelry pieces like earrings.

In this material guide we take a more in-depth look at Brass as a material.

Introduction to Brass

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc with added nickel to increase the hardness of the material. Brass is malleable and, therefore, ideal for complex jewelry designs. Many piercings made of 316L surgical steel have certain parts of the piece made of brass. Intricate details of the piercings made of brass result in a more affordable end product.

Brass tarnishes over time as it oxidizes from air and moisture. When you buy brass jewelry or any piece that contains a bit of brass, we recommend keeping the jewel dry at all times.


Pros and Cons

Brass jewelry is affordable.
Brass itself has a vintage look.
Brass has a resemblance to gold.
Brass is known to tarnish quickly.
Jewelry made of brass contains nickel.

Brass Explained

Due to the high percentage of copper used in brass, the material resembles the look of gold. The downside of the copper content is that brass jewelry may turn your skin green. As brass oxidates, it will react to the sweat from your body, creating copper chelates.

Brass is a widespread material for jewelry makers around the world. Piercings of 316L surgical steel often come with stone settings or decorative parts. As brass is a resilient metal, it is often used as a second material to create such details. Using brass allows for more affordable jewelry pieces as the same design purely made of 316L surgical steel can easily cost twice as much.

Be aware that piercings partially made with brass can tarnish quickly. Keep such jewelry away from moisture and sweat to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Note that brass will tarnish over time due to oxidation by air.

"The downside of the copper content is that brass jewelry may turn your skin green."

In addition to the main contents of copper and zinc, nickel is almost always added to the mix. Although this is not harmful to most people, when you are sensitive to nickel, such jewelry is not suitable.


When you store your brass jewelry, consider doing so in an airtight plastic bag to minimize exposure to air.

Maintenance Instructions

The most crucial tip for brass jewelry is to keep it away from any moisture or sweat. Don't wear your jewelry while taking a shower or when exercising. Minimize the exposure to air when you store your brass jewelry.

When you want to clean tarnished brass jewelry, use a specific brass cleaner or lemon juice to easily clean brass jewelry at home.

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