How to make a Salt Bath

Taking good care of your piercings is essential. Using a saline solution is the most used method for piercing aftercare. If you want to make your salt bath at home, this manual helps you do so correctly.

Simply use what you find in most households and start immediately. If you suffer from a painful or infected piercing, a simple salt bath is probably not enough. Just look at our Salt Spray with added Tea Tree oil or find a complete set of products with the Piercing Healing Kit to get rid of it quickly.

What you need

The first thing to look for is a large glass to fully cover your piercing and surrounding skin. Find the perfect sized glass by putting it upside down and ensure enough space is left around the piercing.

Next on the list is proper sea salt. We recommend getting pure sea salt and don't use the fine salt with added sodium you may find in your kitchen.

Finally you will need some hot water. It would be best to use filtered water and boil this on your gas or electric stove. Boiling the water kills any bacteria and helps dissolve the salt properly.




Sea Salt


Hot Water

Before you begin

As soon as you apply the glass with the saline solution, it may get a little messy. The water can sometimes leak, so we recommend getting a towel and keeping that in close reach once you start!

Your particular piercing may require a different technique to apply the salt bath. Scroll down to the helpful tips to discover other methods of giving your piercing a proper salt bath.

Step 1

Boil 250 ml of water and add between 1/4 and 1/2 teaspoon sea salt. Don't add too much salt for the best result. Dissolve the salt entirely by swirling the solution for a little while.

Let the solution cool down to a lukewarm temperature and pour the saline solution into the glass.

Step 2

Get a chair ready, or make sure you can lie down. Keep the towel close by and bend your body part with the piercing in a forward position. Place the glass completely over the piercing and bend backwards until the saline solution fully reaches the piercing.

Now take a comfortable position with the help of a chair or any other furniture. Stay in this position to let the salt bath work wonders for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 3

Once done, you can move to the forward position again to remove the glass. Now rinse with fresh water to avoid white stains after drying up.

Step 4

You can let it dry by air or carefully dry the piercing and surrounding skin.

Helpful Tips

It is recommended to repeat the salt bath regularly for the best results. When you have a fresh piercing or a sensitive piercing, it is best to give your piercing a salt bath daily.

Below you will find some more helpful tips for proper aftercare of your piercings. We also advise providing piercings with a salt bath using a different method. 


For your hard-to-reach piercings, you can also put your saline solution in a large bowl and then hang your piercings in there. This method works well with ear piercings for example.

Optionally, you can also use a sterile gauze to cover your piercing, followed by a continuous stream of the saline solution poured over it.


If you are still in the healing period of your fresh piercing, it is vital that your aftercare routine is in order. Please note that it is best to leave your intial piercing jewelry in until it is fully healed.

When you suffer from a sensitive piercing after changing jewelry, consider looking for a titanium piercing instead. This hypoallergenic material is also used for intital piercings.


Although proper aftercare may feel time-consuming at times, it is essential for your piercings. We have a range of piercing aftercare products that are affordable and easy to use.

Look at our piercing aftercare section to discover some of our unique aftercare products with added tea tree oil. Here you will also find more information about the proper aftercare routine to follow.