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Organic Materials - Material Guide

Piercings made from organic materials are unique. Numerous types of stone are used to make Plugs and Tunnels. Also bones of deceased animals are ideal for making beautiful piercing jewelry.

In this material guide, we look at the different materials that we classified as organic materials.

Introduction to Organic Materials

Most jewelry made of organic materials is made of stone. There are many different types of stone, each with different colors and patterns. Especially gemstones are prevalent to use for body jewelry. For example, there are many piercings available that contain stones or gemstones. However, to classify the material per product we usually look at the part, usually the bar, that goes through the body.

So only products that are made entirely of organic materials are mentioned as such. These are mostly Plugs and Tunnels, but also Tapers. Besides stones you will also find piercing jewelry that is made of shell, horn, bone, etc.


Pros and Cons

The beauty of organic materials is unprecedented.
Free of any Nickel.
Some believe gemstones have special powers.
Jewelry from massive stones can be somewhat heavy.
The colors can slightly vary per product.

Organic Materials Explained

Horn and bone are also organic materials that are used to make body jewelry. It is good to mention that the horn and bones come from already deceased animals. The materials used do not come from hunting such animals.

Piercings made from horn and bone are lightweight, especially compared to stone. Keep in mind that the color of such jewelry may vary. The same goes for piercings made of stone. Do you order a set? We do our best to find two similar products, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. Unevenness can also be found in the jewelry. This is unavoidable with products made of organic materials.

For people with an allergy to Nickel, Piercings made of organic materials are good alternatives to steel. Jewelry made of stone as well as horn and bone are completely nickel free.

"There are many gemstones available on our website, each with its own special meaning."

Numerous stone types pass by on our website. Some gemstones are said to have special powers. For example, the Agate stone is said to stand for protection, while the Amethyst is known for bringing wisdom. Whatever meaning you are after, there must be a piercing out there with that specific power.


When you browse our collection for new Body Jewelry, use of the filters to only show Jewelry made of the Material you are after.

Maintenance Instructions

The care instructions for piercing jewelry of organic materials differ. Stone jewelry is robust and does not require any maintenance in the first place. However, the use of chemicals can lead to color differences. Do not expose the Jewelry to alcohol, perfume, hair spray, makeup, and chemical cleaners to prevent this from happening.

For horn and bone body jewelry, it is even more important to be careful. These materials are mostly colored, in black for example. By contact with previously mentioned substances, this color layer can be affected.

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