Piercing Articles

Find interesting and helpful articles about piercings. Browse through the various articles, varying from stretching guides to informative articles.

Getting Pierced

Are you considering a new piercing? Whether it concerns your first piercing or you already have some experience, we will inform you about the essential aspects of the process in this article.

Ear Stretching Guide

Stretching the ears is more popular than ever. With the help of this Stretch Guide, you will be able to stretch your ears at home in the correct way.

Material Platings

Many piercings and earrings come with a plating. In this article we list all available platings and provide you the important details of such plating.

How to make a Salt Bath at home?

Taking good care of your piercings is essential. Using a saline solution is the most used method for piercing aftercare. If you want to make your salt bath at home, this manual helps you do so correctly.

Sea, Sand, Beaches and Piercings

Whether you are about to go on a well-deserved holiday or you want to visit a local beach, doing so with a piercing may require some preparations.

All about Nickel

Are you sensitive to metals? Nickel is most likely the reason for it. Read more about Nickel allergy and discover the piercings and earrings that are safe.