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Ear Stretching and Tapers

Ear Stretching and Tapers Shopping Guide

Stretching the earlobes is more popular than ever. Whether you’re going for a big or small stretch, we’ve got you covered!

If you have already stretched your ears to the size you want, we also have spiral piercings as a fun alternative to traditional tunnels and plugs.

Stretchers and spirals are also referred to as tapers. Both names will be used in this shopping guide.


Stretcher and Spiral Sizes

Measuring stretchers and spirals is similar to measuring tunnels and plugs. The size is measured from the thickest point of the stretcher or spiral.

To accurately measure the size, a caliper tool is required. A ruler or measuring tape can help, but is not always the best and most accurate tool for measuring.


Different Types of Tapers and Spirals

Are you looking for the right product to stretch your ears? Some products may not be suitable for stretching, but for wearing as jewelry.

We will take a look at the different types of stretchers, so that you make a well-informed decision for both ear stretching and jewelry you can wear daily. Apart from stretchers and tapers, there are also stretch plugs. This category contains plugs and tunnels from our collection that are perfect to use in combination with ear stretchers.

Ear stretchers, also known as straight stretchers or straight tapers come in various sizes and colors. Ear stretchers can be used for stretching and can sometimes also be worn as a jewel in already stretched ears. Keep in mind that straight tapers made of wood or organic materials are not suitable for stretching.

When you are about to begin your stretching journey, our stretching kits are perfect to start with. The kit contains all you need, such as straight stretchers together with plugs or tunnels, aftercare products, and a stretch guide. You can find both budget-friendly kits made of acrylic and high-quality kits made of 316L surgical steel.

Spiral tapers are a great alternative to tunnels and plugs. You will find various designs such as buffalo tapers and spirals, and different materials to choose from. Keep in mind that spiral tapers are not suitable for stretching, and should only be put in when your earlobes are fully healed from any previous stretching.

Stretchers and Spirals' Materials

Stretchers and spirals come in various materials. Picking the right material is important, especially if you are going to use a taper for stretching.

316L Surgical Steel

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316L Surgical Steel

316L surgical steel is the recommended material for ear stretching. There are both stretchers and spirals made of this material, but keep in mind that solid tapers can feel heavy on the ear. The ones specifically designed to wear as jewelry are often hollow to reduce the weight. 316L surgical steel contains trace amounts of nickel.


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Quite a few tapers are made of acrylic. This material is much lighter than steel and is often available in colorful variations. Acrylic is also low-cost, making it a popular choice for ear stretchers. Although of lesser quality than steel, acrylic is free of any nickel.


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Like tunnels and plugs, wood is also often used for tapers and spirals. Wood is in high demand as it is lightweight, and they come in some truly stunning designs. Wood it is not suitable for stretching or healing, so you should never use tapers made of wood for stretching!

Stretchers and Spirals Aftercare

Whether you are looking for products to help with stretching, or to aid with the healing after stretching, you can find something suitable in our aftercare selection. Use one of our piercing butters and some Jojoba Oil to make stretching easier, or opt for our other care products for the general healing process.

Our Piercing Balm is also great for keeping your earlobes smelling fresh. This aftercare product supports fighting bacteria that might nest in your earlobe causing bad smells.

100% Jojoba Oil (10 ml)
100% Jojoba Oil
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Piercing healing butter
Piercing Healing Butter
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Stretch safely with our Stretch Guide!

When you want to stretch your ears at home by yourself, doing it in a safe way is essential. Read our stretch guide to do it properly.

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